The Committee on Chapter 7 of the ABI Commission on Consumer Bankruptcy held a public meeting during the National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees (NABT) on September 15 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Commission invited stakeholders attending the event to request time to make an oral statement at this public meeting, and in addition to submit a written statement to the Commission.


The Hearing had four panels - please click on the names below to read their statements.


Panel 1

Dwayne Murray - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Jason Gold- Washington, DC

Neville Reid - Chicago, Illinois

Ray Obuchowski - Bethel, Vermont


Panel 2

Darcy Williamson - Topeka, Kansas

Brian Shapiro - Las Vegas, Nevada

Tom Springer - Wheaton, Illinois

James Angell – Raleigh, North Carolina


Panel 3

William Schwab - Leighton, Pennsylvania

Steve Weiss - Springfield, Massachusetts

Ira Bodenstein - Chicago, Illinois


Panel 4

Jason Pettie - Decatur, Georgia

Geron Yann - New York, New York

Kip Kaler - Fargo, North Dakota