The Commission’s first public meeting was held during NACBA’s 2017 Annual Convention on May 6 in Orlando. The Commission invited stakeholders attending the event to request time to make an oral statement at this public meeting, and in addition to submit a written statement to the Commission.

To request a time for a public statement or to send a written statement, please use the Commission’s public email address, [email protected]

Part 1

Oral Statements By Pamela Stewart, Jim Haller, Virginia Fortunato, Cathy Moran, Richard Hawkins, Nathan Kaufman.

Part 2

Oral Statements By Nick Zingarelli, Stephen Dunne, Wayne Silver, Paul Bach, Brad Botes, Gene Melchionne.

Part 3

Oral Statements By Aaron Millar, Sean Mawhinney, David Shaev, Steven Weichman, Jeff Tromberg, Kurt O'Keefe, Rachel Foley.

May 6, 2017 Written Statements

Cathy Moran

Wayne Silver

Brad Botes